Since 2000, artists Rita Canan and Alison Horne have combined their backgrounds in fine art, graphic design, construction, interior design, and business to head up Muralistically Inclined, a small business with a big repertoire. Specializing in custom art, these artists, with very diverse styles, have successfully collaborated on countless mural, floorcloth, design consultation, and decorative painting projects. A dynamite portfolio with tons of fun and challenging assignments.


Alison Horne
Alison Horne is an especially gifted multi-dimensional artist with perspectives informed through a classical art education, numerous professional accomplishments, and residential living across the globe.

With demonstrated talents ranging from art direction of the Washington office of the MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, a nationally broadcast nightly news program, nurturing client relationships in video post-production spanning the realm of entertainment (film, video, and museum installation), Ms. Horne has assembled a portfolio impressive by any standard. Adding to her body of work, Alison has created numerous brand identities for companies and attractions.


In Central Florida, Alison has flourished as a designer and hands-on artist bringing large scale public art to life in high traffic locations to the delight of an international audience. Hungry for artistic challenges, Alison co-founded and co-owns MIArts, one of the region’s most dynamic design and practical art agencies. 

A perpetually curious and enthusiastic supporter of emerging trends, Alison has enriched the art community through her collaboration with fellow artists and her activities as board member of the Maitland Art Center.



Rita Canan
With thirty years of training and experience in the practical applications of art, Rita Canan is co-founder and COO of MI. An accomplished project manager with a background in industrial engineering, Ms. Canan methodically assess situations, formulates options that satisfy needs, then creates the blueprint for project success. The result is an imaginative product of exceptional quality, yet completely in line with expectations of time and expense.


Artistically, Rita has continually demonstrated an exceptional command of color and paint, applied across every possible environment whether it be a massive outdoor theme park mural, restoration of vintage vehicles, designing home theaters within ultra high-end residences or creating custom colors for commercial or residential exteriors and interiors.

A designer of structures and form as well Ms. Canan was the lead artist at Spring Lane, a notable work-live space in Winter Park, Florida, used for national television commercials, published in print publications and widely admired by various art organizations.

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